Over 2,000 hits, and lots of boxes

Congratulations – 2.000 hits from 32 countrys sounds good


We, have got lots going on at the moment, the house is getting packed up, the charity shop is stocked , and the village jumble sale was bursting at the seams!

We are moving out next Monday, and currently have 4 weeks booking into a local holiday cottage, this will take us into March. We may need another couple of weeks before we are ready to head South in The Colonel.

We went down to Colonel K on Saturday to load in most of the stuff apart from clothes, most of it was just left in boxes in the living space and will be sorted when we have more time, but it did emphasise the amount we have and lack of space, we will need to be brutal I think. The big 6 litre engine fired up perfectly after sitting in the storage yard for about 4 months, and with…

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